Pride in Protection
The Medicom Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers and distributors of high quality, single-use products for infection control, patient care and prevention.
The Medicom Story
Pride in Protection
We are committed to helping to make the world a safer and healthier place by providing consistent and reliable protection.
The Medicom Story
Pride in Protection
Medicom is a global manufacturer and supplier of high-quality infection control, patient care and prevention products.
The Medicom Story

Our Mission

The Medicom Group is a global healthcare company dedicated to enhancing, manufacturing, and distributing infection control, single-use, and preventive products for medical, dental, industrial, veterinary, and laboratory markets. We strive to provide distributors, professionals and their patients, the most trusted branded and private-label products at outstanding value. We bring entrepreneurial passion to everything we do in order to create remarkable customer experiences.
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A. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd.

Suite 11, 11/F, Kodak House II
39 Healthy Street East
North Point, Hong Kong
Tel. : +852 2179 7107 / +852 2179 7119
Fax. : +852 2147 4665
Email: [email protected]

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