FingerShopping 網店新開張

Medicom 網店登錄FingerShopping, 快D去睇下啦

???為慶祝新店開張, 部份產品有折扣優惠??

Medicom 其中?三款皇牌???口罩登陸 Fingershopping? ?

?Safe+Mask Premier 成人耳掛醫用口罩?? (熱選???)
?Safe+Mask 小童耳掛醫用口罩?? (家長安心之選?‍?‍?‍?)
?SafeMask 幼童耳掛醫用口罩?? (加添特闊柔軟耳掛SOFT~~?)


符合….?‍♂美國ASTM F2100 醫用口罩標準
隔菌?, 隔微粒?, 隔血


Our mission

The Medicom Group is a global healthcare company dedicated to enhancing, manufacturing, and distributing infection control, single-use, and preventive products for medical, dental, industrial, veterinary, and laboratory markets. We strive to provide distributors, professionals and their patients, the most trusted branded and private-label products at outstanding value. We bring entrepreneurial passion to everything we do in order to create remarkable customer experiences.